About me and my services

As a native German I am passionate about teaching my language and delivering high quality translation services. I teach children and students as well as leisure learners and small businesses. With business background in tourism, media and marketing I focus on these fields in terms of translation of websites and documents.


German lessons

German JokeI have a wide range of own material and also provide past exam papers, songs, story books and poems. Lessons are individually tailored to your needs and interests, they are structured for best results but they are also full of fun to keep your mind awake and focused. It is my goal to make learning German for you easy and interesting.


How it began

After moving from Berlin, Germany, to the Scottish Borders near Berwick-upon-Tweed in 2012 I started 1 to 1 tuition for school children to help them pass their German GCSE or A-Level. I realised how fulfilling this work was and decided to extend my services to adults and younger children as well. In addition to that I assisted for 3 month in German lessons at Longridge Towers School to get to know the curriculum and learn some teaching practices.

In 2013 I introduced giving lessons via skype, which allowed me to work with students living further away. This way of teaching turned out to work well, as I can send documents, audios, videos and pictures and my students and I can communicate through the video chat as if we were in the same room.

My youngest student is 8 years old and there are no limits upwards.


Translation and Proofreading

I translate and proofread all kind of texts for school students quick, efficient and with clear markings and notes on what I have changed. You should allow a few days for that, but I do my best to get a proof back to you within 48 hours, including weekends. If it is more urgent, please let me know and I am sure we can sort it.

For any other texts or websites please send me a document or a link and I will get back to you with an estimate in the following 24 hours.