Could I not just use a free translation tool?

Free language translation could seem like a good way to stick to your budget, but using a human translator is the only way to ensure your message is conveyed correctly in your target language. Free translation tools are machines and are unable to pick up on nuances and certain expressions.


Partial or complete website translation?

Instead of translating your entire website you can opt to translate only the core pages.

Some pages are rarely seen by visitors and may not warrant the cost to translate it.


Will your English to German translation be the same amount of text?

No. In general the text translated from English to German will expand by about 30%.


How to deliver your documents?

Send the documents to be translated in word files (.doc) to info@steffirakow.com I will type in the translation below the original text. There is an extra charge of £10.00 for handing in pdf documents.


What will it cost?

Translation rate per source word incl. tax £0.08 per word

Proof reading rate per word incl. tax £0.03 per word


Prices are charged per source word. Pricing per word is more exact and generally is more transparent for you than charging per page or working hours.

A minimum amount of £15.00 will be charged for any job.


Example proof reading:

300 words á £0.03 = £9.00 > You will be charged £15.00

500 words á £0.03 = £15.00 > You will be charged £15.00

600 words á £0.03 = £18.00 > You will be charged £18.00


How long will it take?

You will receive an estimate within 24 hours of receipt of your documents.



Services will be invoiced 50% on commencement and 50% on completion.